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The supporting membership of the European Youth Parliament was first developed in 2013. The goal of this form of membership is to create closer and long-lasting ties to our friends and supporters.

The supporting membership is aimed at giving alumni the opportunity to stay connected with our organisation and support our work beyond a regular membership. At the same time this membership is open to anyone, particularly patrons, sponsors, experts, teachers, and parents, who have an interest in supporting our work without actively taking on an active role in our organisation.

As part of this membership we can offer the following advantages: A quarterly newsletter, the digital reports of all our events, and a hard copy of our annual report, which is published at the beginning of each calendar year. All our supporting members are personally invited to our annual general meeting which takes place in combination with the Schwarzkopf Foundation’s summer party in Berlin. In addition, supporting members are, like all other members, eligible to vote at our annual general meeting.

It is open to anyone, who identifies with our goals and would like to support our work, to apply to become a supporting member of the European Youth Parliament. In accordance with our statutes the board decides on each application individually.

The annual membership fee comes to a minimum of 50€. However, this can be individually increased. We can provide you with a donation certificate.

For further information and any questions please contact the board via

Do you want to support EYP Germany by becoming a supporting member?

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Current Sponsoring Members

The active supporters of our European political education work

The supporting membership of the European Youth Parliament in Germany has existed since June 16, 2013. The aim is to involve friends of the association more closely in our association work and to bind them to the diverse activities of our association in the long term.

The sponsoring membership is intended to give alumni the opportunity to stay connected to the association and to support them beyond their regular membership as a sponsoring member. At the same time, it is open to those who are close to the work of the European Youth Parliament but who have not actively participated in our events. We primarily include patrons of past events, experts, parents and teachers.

Currently the association counts on the support of the following members:

- Beck, Jan-Philipp

- von Behr, Christian

- Diehm, Anna

- Düringer, Jacob

- Eckart, Kerstin

- von Frowein, Jochen

- Hall, Sophie

- Hoffmann, Martin

- Kiehn, Maximilian

- Loets, Adrian

- Macht, Christian

- Maier, Franziska

- Marx, Pauline

- Matter, Stefan

- Dr. Rogler-Franken, Gudrun

- Seidel, Monika

- Stree, Lorenz

- Thiemt, Laura

- Wilming, Alexander

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