30 Years of EYP Germany - 1990-2020

The “Society for the Promotion of the European Youth Parliament” was registered in the official German registry in December 1990 and renamed to “European Youth Parliament in Germany” in 1996. 30 years later, EYP Germany looks back on its history together with friends and interested parties, and announces anniversary celebrations as well as options to participate on this page.


1990 - Founding of EYP Germany

The “Society for the Promotion of the European Youth Parliament” was founded in Kronberg/Germany in May 1990. The society was registered in the official German registry in December 1990.

1991 - 6th International Session of the EYP in Kronberg

The first session ever held in Germany was the 6th International Session of our Network in March 1991 with 144 participants from 15 countries.

1991 - First National Selection Conference in Eschwege

The first national selection conference in Eschwege with participants from five different schools took place from 29/11 - 01/12/1991. Topics touched up the Northern Ireland conflict, migration policies, and the introduction of a joint European currency.

1993 - Third National Selection Conference in Hamburg

The first NSC outside of the state of Hesse took place in Hamburg in 1993. The participants had the special opportunity to be accommodated on a boat and experience an extraordinary cooperation with the city’s authorities.

1994 - 15th International Session of the EYP in Berlin

With the International Session in Berlin, it was also the first event in the eastern federal states of Germany. The General Assembly took place in the Reichstag building which had not even been under renovation to be the new home of the German parliament at the time.

1996 - Name Change

The name was changed from “Society for the Promotion of the European Youth Parliament” to “European Youth Parliament in Germany” during the Annual General Assembly on 01 June 1996 and was legally registered later that month.

1996 - First Website

In 1996, the first website of EYP Germany went online. The content covered the National Selection Process in Germany, events abroad, the national newsletter and a collection of EYPers’ data.

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2000 - 10 years of EYP Germany

After 10 years, the board decides to have all official business handled by the Schwarzkopf Foundation and thereby move their office to Berlin. Next to the regular sessions, anniversary celebrations took place in the first months of the year 2000.

2004 - International Forum in Bad Urach

The first of six international forums is taking place in Bad Urach in cooperation with the regional center for political education in Baden Württemberg.

2010 - Alumni Forum in Passau

The alumni forum in Passau worked without chairpersons on topics under the theme "education". For GA, a placard for "Point of Modification" was introduced to allow presenting and possibly including changes to the resolutions during the debate. We have linked the results of the forum below.

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